Maintenance Draining Your Wallet?


Being part of a resort, restaurant, nursery, coffee shop or your own backyard, maintenance can be really intimidating. If you’re not familiar with how to go about in maintaining anything, the first thing you naturally do is Google or YouTube possible ways to do it.

But what we see on the search engines might differ (as everyone has their own ways of doing things) and confusion seems to get the better part of us. Then, the only solutions left are to either leave it or replace the items with new ones.

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It looks like wood, but it’s recycled plastic!


You might be on the lookout for sustainable outdoor furniture, and you’re familiar with wooden and ceramic outdoor furniture such as wooden outdoor tables or ceramic outdoor benches. This is what you’ll search for on Google because these seem to be the only two options…

We want to inform you that there is an alternative, better than the options mentioned above. You might have been to places where you’d see these products, but you wouldn’t realise that it’s another type of material. It looks like wood, but it’s recycled plastic outdoor furniture.

Recycled plastic furniture is more beneficial and lasts a lifetime. It’s all-weather endurance and can be placed where you wish without having to move it as the weather turns.  It doesn't need any maintenance such as varnish every quarter. In fact, all it requires from you is to use it!

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Become Outdoorsy with Unique Timber Plastics


I'm lazy; I’ve had a hard week; I don’t feel like it… Get rid of these excuses and purchase yourself a maintenance-free, waterproof, insect and rot resistant deck chair or lounger that will motivate you to get outside.

With winter in the past and spring in all its glory, it’s time to get rid of those pasty legs! It’s just what anyone needs who enjoys lounging in the sun and soak up some vitamin D on a sweltering day. Or reading a book and listening to the chirps of the birds around them. Get away from the TV and spend your time outdoors, comfortably. It's your time to relish the moment and relax with Unique Timber Plastics. We want to be the reason you enjoy going outside.

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Okay, just hold on, stupid splinter!


The anxiety starts. You hear a child crying in the background. In fact, not crying but shouting and screaming. You drop whatever you’re doing to run outside. As you get closer the crying gets louder. What could possibly be wrong? Are you okay, you ask? What’s wrong? And no words were spoken, but a toe pointed at. The dreaded culprit of all the tears - a splinter!

Avoid these mini-disasters and replace your old high-maintenance wooden jungle gym with Unique Timber Plasticsrecycled plastic jungle gyms.

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Only R 2 999,00 for 6-Seater Picnic Set


The Spring season has started and it will set almost everyone in the mood to plant fresh flowers and plants or trees in their gardens.  Spring marks the end of the chilly winter days and the beginning of warmer summer days. 

During Spring, everyone seems to have the urge to participate in outdoor activities again – some cycle, others jog and the rest will either braai or have a picnic with family and friends.

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Maintenance Free Playground Equipment that will save the world


When last did you hear about a maintenance free product that can last a lifetime? Unique Timber Plastics’ range of Playground Equipment is indeed an investment that will help save your world.

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