Unique Timber Plastics (Pty) Ltd converts plastic waste into an environmentally friendly products called “Unique Timber Plastics".
We recycle a wide variety of plastics! Currently we re-cycle the equivalent of 37 800 000 plastic bags per month or 2 268 000 2-litre soft drink bottles – but this is rapidly increasing as we have upgraded the plant and installed a new technology to increase our output tremendously – to the benefit of our customers.

Our "Unique Timber Plastics" product is moulded and shaped into timber planks or other structural forms such as poles, beams, etc.
"Unique Timber Plastics" is used in a large range of end products which includes decks, railings, walkways, shipping pallets, electric fencing, droppers, chock blocks, and various other industrial products & off course playground equipment like jungle gyms, Timber Plastic Furniture like benches, picnic tables & signage used for directional purposes in residential estates, industrial sites, shopping malls, office complexes all manufatured from 100% recycled plastics material.
We understand that without good staff and a great working environment it's impossible to create quality product and professional service on an on-going basis. With this mind-set we are proud to provide a stable work environment to our family of personnel. Our "Unique Timber Plastics" end product is SABS tested and is maintenance free with a life span of more than 60 years on the product and we offer a 1 year warrantee on finished products.
Our product colour is stable and it doesn't go out of shape if installed correctly to our factory specifications!
Please be sure you buy an original "Unique Timber Plastics" product and NOT a cheap rip off!!

We are kind to the environment. Join us!